An empty study center (c. 2020)

Gislaine's physics lab assignment (c. 2020)

Gislaine sitting in front of her computer looking at her physics homework (c. 2020)

The pendulum Gislaine created for a homework assignment (c. 2020)

Gislaine holds her homemade pendulum (c. 2020)

Family has taken a larger place in Gislaine's life during this pandemic (c. 2020)

Gislaine scrolls on her phone in her down time (c. 2020)

Key items used daily rest on Gislaine's bed (c. 2020)

(c. 2020)

Gislaine has spent these last few months reconnecting with her guitar and fine tuning her skills (c. 2020)

(c. 2020)

Gislaine gets camera ready (c. 2020)

Getting ready to record a new episode (c. 2020)

(c. 2020)

"I'm not looking forward to it getting dark and cold...I'm not used to that," Gislaine says about the upcoming Canadian winter. (c. 2020)

"Once I have some time in my day, I make sure to cook for my dad to help with his dietary restrictions." (c. 2020)

(c. 2020)

Gislaine Batubenge strikes a pose in her kitchen (c. 2020)

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