1. Southern Hospitality

    2023-07-01 20:24:03 UTC
    Say what you want about Americans, but they are some of the warmest, welcoming, and nosyest people you’ll ever meet.  If it wasn’t for the lady behind me inquiring about the lightness of my travel, my lack of baggage, I surely would have missed my flight.  “Well, you travel light…

  2. It’s a Boy!

    2023-06-11 21:40:00 UTC
    This time last week I was at my cousin’s baby shower.  It was my first traditional American baby shower. I was delighted!  You see, traditionally, for Cameroonians, we don’t do baby showers per se. Often, you may not even know that someone is pregnant until the baby has arrived. Then…

  3. The Light Within

    2023-05-14 22:35:00 UTC
    I’m a fighter But I seem to forget that often. I was recently reminded of the value there is in hearing (and being reminded of) who you are from people who have seen you in a different light, especially when you were younger. People who can remind you of parts…

  4. New Beginnings

    2023-05-05 22:34:00 UTC
    It has been a long time coming, and I’ve been waiting for you…welcome to Malapseu The other day I was reading an archived blog post by the actress turned Duchess, Meghan Markle, from her former blog: The Tig. She talked about what led her to launching her blog…

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