Southern Hospitality

Say what you want about Americans, but they are some of the warmest, welcoming, and nosyest people you’ll ever meet. 

If it wasn’t for the lady behind me inquiring about the lightness of my travel, my lack of baggage, I surely would have missed my flight. 

“Well, you travel light don’t cha”

“I’ve already been through, my boarding is in 10 minutes”

And immediately everyone sprung into action. 

The lady in front of me quickly quipped in and said “go on ahead in front of me.” And one by one everyone allowed me to pass (making way and parting like Moses did to the Red Sea, for me) everyone now engaged/committed to making sure I made my flight. 

I briefly overheard someone say I should have spoken up sooner. 

And I wonder why I didn’t. Lord knows I wanted to. I was scared I would be perceived as wanting to cut in line. I noticed some other flight tickets of those in line. Someone was heading to Dallas. Someone else, Atlanta. Me, I was heading to New York. 

And my boarding time was imminent. 

I had gone back to tell my father goodbye. And for that I may have missed my flight. A bad judgment call on my part, sure. But that’s a risk I was willing to take. 

Thanks to my tattooed angel for being nosy and speaking up when I was struggling to find my voice. Thanks to me also, for seizing the opportunity. And thanks to everyone in that line for understanding..and making way. 

I’m writing this while sitting on my flight. The plane is now backing up and the flight attendants are giving us the safety instructions. It’s time for me to go but thank you Columbia for showing me just what southern hospitality looks like.

*Originally written on May 31st, 2023 

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